Thursday, January 22, 2015

Letting Go of the Old Story & Welcoming the New

Don't Just Let it Go ~ Bury it!

What have you found hard to let go of even thought you know the time has come?

Brief "letting go" ritual: hold danburite while focusing on the difficult thing and imagine it right in front of you, larger than life, taking up space. Then gradually, getting both smaller and farther away, until you don't see it anymore or feel its energy.

Take a deep breath and try mentally saying “goodbye and thank you.” If you can't bring yourself to say it yet, repeat this ritual once a day until you can.

What Story Do You Want Your Life to Tell this Year?

What will that look like?

What will that feel like?

Or, start with feelings, as Danielle LaPorte would suggest. What do you want to feel and what would create that feeling? What's the simplest and easiest way to create it this year?

Spend some time imagining it and then commit to bringing it to life.

Find out what your angels & other guides want you to know
about the upcoming year.
I will draw cards for you but also
will ask for direct info from your guides.

(I know your wallet's still recovering from Christmas)

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