Thursday, January 29, 2015

Intention Ritual for 2015

Setting Intentions for 2015

I believe in setting intentions instead of resolutions, and I use intuitive guidance to help me choose intentions for the year that both help me grow and stretch but also are best for me at the time. No point in setting myself up for disappointment!

So if you would like to re-dedicate yourself to this year's intentions, or create new ones, here's a ritual you can use. Do it every month, on the new moon, if you'd like.

Intention Ritual

Light a candle.

Offer up a blessing for the year to come.

Create some magic & marry it to your intentions.

Imagine everything you want to create, feel and experience.

Say “thank you” in advance.

Offer up trust that somehow, it will come to pass, and resolve not to worry about the “how.”

Decide what you will think about, instead, when you are tempted to worry.

Blow out the candle.

Find out what your angels & other guides want you to know
about the upcoming year.
I will draw cards for you but also
will ask for direct info from your guides.

(I know your wallet's still recovering from Christmas)

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