Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015...


Isn't it exciting? We've just been given a whole new year to create. What will you do with yours?

I want mine to be filled with enchantment, and healing and transformation, both for me and for my beloved clients. I'm wishing the same for you readers, too!

I know that many people confine their wish-making for the new year to those few days, or even the night before the new year begins. But there's no need to rush.

Let's be kind of leisurely about it this year. I'm planning to take the whole month and thought you might want to come along.

Meet me back here each week with a comforting cup of tea, a scented candle, your journal and a pen and let's dream up a wonderful year!

Love to you!


Find out what your angels & other guides want you to know
about the upcoming year.
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