Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What it Means to Be a Healer

Some wisdom about what it means to be a healer settled in for me last month. See if it resonates for you...

It's not the Outcome

It's about, for me, not focusing on the outcome when I help heal or when I offer love. My purpose is to throw healing at it, to throw magic at it, to love it, and if I have done that, I have not failed, no matter what the outcome.

It's about Love

Similarly, I can love and love and love people, and they may be totally unable to love me back in any kind of appropriate way. But I have still done my part, even if they are as chaotic as ever. I can even remove myself from the chaos, or gently let go of the connecting cord, and still not have failed because the giving of love was the thing, not the outcome.

How does that feel? Can you relate?

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