Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bear Medicine & Being a Healer

Welcome to February!!

As we saw yesterday, spring is coming, but it's not quite here yet. I want to set the stage for what I will be focusing on here this month. Picture a blazing fire, a comfy blanket, fuzzy socks on your feet, a good book to read, your journal and a yummy cup of tea.

Bear Medicine
"Winter is a season of purpose – as are all seasons. Winter’s medicine is about rest, recovery, and going within. When we rest enough during winter, we have the energy we need to sustain us for the remainder of the year. In native traditions, this concept is known as Bear Medicine. Can we learn from bear and hibernate sufficiently to restore ourselves ahead of the busy, waking seasons? If you haven't rested enough, take the next few weeks to honor the cycle." –Sage Goddess 

Have you rested enough this season, so far? I haven't but I think I have done better than I usually do.

Given that you might have some catching up to do where rest is concerned, are you ready to commit to a month of last-minute hibernation? 

What might that mean for you?

(1) Adding an extra hour of sleep each night
(2) Taking a nap each day
(3) Spending weekends at home with less on the agenda
(4) Putting off important projects until the spring thaw occurs
(5) Whatever you thought of in response to this question.

Being a Healer

This month is a great time for introspection, too, while sipping tea by the fire. I want to take some time to explore what it means to be a healer.

Because you guys, the healers and lightworkers, are my tribe. My beloveds. And it is such an honor to serve you, to help you heal so that you can be a clearer vessel for healing others.

But what does it mean to be a healer?

I created a survey almost a month ago and many of you told me that you think you have been called to be a healer, but (1) you're not completely sure or (2) you sometimes doubt it and you're not really sure what it all means for you or where to start.

So here we go this month. Stay tuned! :)

Not sure what your life purpose is
and wondering if you really are meant to be a healer?
Click here to take the Healer Quiz.



  1. I'm still in serious hibernation mode! Winter is going strong where I am and will be for several months yet so I'm staying snuggled by the fire as much as possible. Fortunately I have a couple of things to keep me occupied - like working on my new website and planning the garden. :-)

    1. Hi Lynne! So nice to see you!! I totally understand about being in hibernation mode. I need more snuggled-by-the-fire time, myself. Good luck with your website. I'll look forward to seeing it! :)


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