Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mermaid Book Review ~ House of Aegea

When I heard that Diana Lanham was looking for bloggers to read and review The House of Aegea, I was excited to read mermaid fiction and I jumped at the chance. I am a mermaid reiki master and thought it would be fun to see those energies show up in a story.

What I didn't consider was that the story would have violence. I am an empath and an HSP (highly sensitive person) so I avoid violence in what I am reading and watching like the plague. When I realized the book I was holding in my hands might have more violence than I could handle (which is basically none), I gave it to my son, who was quite happy to read it, instead.

Here is his review...

Well, the book was an exciting adventure, though it was slow in getting started.

The author gives a brief view of the history of the race featured throughout the book, which was a brilliant way to go, despite the fact that it was so direct that she probably would lose a few readers right then. The author gives a view of the happenings of the characters which help the reader understand the depth of every individual, which is good, except a single character introduction could span several pages.

The ''violence'' as my mother put it, was quite thrilling and gives the reader a rush; It is, however, a little hard to make out what has happened. I found myself going back multiple times saying ''Huh? When did that happen?"

Also, though the author's idea was to make this story an accurate portrayal of the ways things could have happened, in my opinion, it wasn't very realistic. The ending was ambiguous. Also, I was again drawing a blank as to how the story had come to such a conclusion.

Whereas I overall liked the book, I couldn't really enjoy it cause I kept rushing on waiting for SOMETHING to happen, and then I found myself at the end asking "Did something happen?"

The book drew a picture for me, of love and family. Whereas it is a book about magic and hate and incredible war, it spells out one thing for me, and there's one message that it delivers: togetherness.

I doubt that's what the author was going for, but that's what sticks out to me, that's the feeling that I, and maybe even anyone else who reads it, receives. If I take away one lesson from this incredible homage to the mermaids which very possibly once swam our seas, it's that Power and Evil gets you nowhere but Determination, Love, and Hope gets you anywhere.

What do you think?...

So you might think that I wouldn't recommend this book since it has violence. Not true. I only want to suggest that information as a caution for anyone who is sensitive like me. I definitely think it's worth a look.

Here's an excerpt from Diana's post about what motivated her to write the book...

"Creating a whole world of Mermaids who could blend into modern society was an exciting concept.

Does that pretty girl sitting next to you in a restaurant have a secret?  What if you found out your best friend spent half their life in the ocean? 

And what about the deeper concepts:  Where do mermaids come from?  Was it evolution or were they created?  Are they magic?

All of these questions and more were answered when I completed my first book in the series." ~Read more here.

So what do you think? Does it sound like a book you'd want to read?

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  1. I have a question for you Jeanine....what is a mermaid reiki master? I'm starting my reiki training next Tuesday and I'm really curious what you mean by that.

    1. Hi Lynne! It's a reiki master who has added on an additional reiki master attunement in mermaid healing. In addition to the attunement, there are symbols & a manual with sound healing instruction. Let me know if you are interested. And good for you for pursuing reiki! How wonderful. :)

    2. I'm very intrigued....sounds so interesting! Let's talk after I get started.


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