Friday, May 9, 2014

Mary Poppins ~ Did You Forget?

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"They did once," said Mary Poppins, ...

"What?" said John & Barbara together in very surprised voices. "Really? You mean they understand the Starling and the Wind and --"

"And what the trees say and the language of the sunlight and the stars - of course they did! Once," said Mary Poppins.

"But how is it that they've forgotten it all?" said John...

"Because they're older..." ~Mary Poppins, PL Travers

What mystery & magic might you have forgotten? Perhaps there's a way to remember again.

In the book, not too long after the conversation quoted above, there's a scene where Starling comes back for a visit. He comes to the babies' room and Mary Poppins is there with them, as usual. But this time when he greets the twins, they babble in response.

They don't understand what he's saying, and they can't communicate their thoughts with him. She explains that it's happened. They've forgotten.

He shrugs it off and just says that he'll miss talking with them. But then, he surreptitiously wipes his eyes.

Could that have happened to you?

Were the animals, the trees, and other sentient beings sad when you forgot the way to connect with them? Are they waiting, even now, for you to remember?

Are you a Sleeping Beauty
or a Faerie Godmother?
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