Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toward a Deeper Daily Spiritual Practice: Meditation

Daily Spiritual Practice

"Now is the time to ponder, to daydream, to explore the personal meaning that the natural world holds for you as a denizen of the land." ~Allison Leigh Lilly

Today, we come to step two in the daily spiritual practice. We meditate and reflect on whatever we chose for "reading", whether that was spending a few moments in nature, or actual reading of a book or oracle card.

This reflection can be simple and brief, for a few minutes as you consider the message you read or experienced and apply it to your life, or it can be part of an elaborate ritual that includes lighting a candle and taking the time for a longer pathworking.

If you did step out into nature, you could even do your reflecting there.

Next Tuesday, we consider step three, but this week give some thought to how you would want to include this step in your daily spiritual practice.

Have a great day!

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