Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wishing Wand Wednesday

Wishing Wand Wednesday

The wizard could have his Oz. What I wanted was my very own magic wand...

Influenced by Samantha Stevens, Jeannie and her handsome Major, and Cinderella's own fairy godmother, I wanted my own way to make wishes come true. And then, I discovered that wishes really can come true (it can happen to you).

And I found Jamie Ridler! Most Wednesdays, Jamie suggests that we make wishes and she offers a prompt to help us do so. If we post our answers on our own blogs, we can link up to the wishcasting party on her website.

So I decided to have my own wishing extravaganza here, and even if she takes a week off or two, will still offer to send out energy on your behalf, wishing along with you for whatever you'd like to create in your life. And I have my very own wishing wand...

I am wishing right along with you, by the way! This month, I have two...

(1) I am working on some writing projects and my wish is for inspiration, sustained energy, and writing skill.

(2) I am also trying to improve my health my eating better and getting more rest. Rest is hard for me, as I've confessed before, and so is giving up some of my fave comfort foods. So my second wish is for healthier eating, deeper sleep and rejuvenating rest.

Hopefully, as we go along each week, I'll let you know how it's going.But if I don't, that might mean it isn't going so well, so wish harder. :)

(Update: I am doing well on the writing. Not as well with the healthy changes. :) )

What are your wishes this week?

Have a great day!

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  1. I really wish for my book order to arrive today!! Nothing too serious - just waiting for books. :)

    1. Totally feel you on that one! I have looked forward to UPS book deliveries a time or two (or twelve) myself. So wishing right along with you!


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