Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creating Your Own Love Potion #9

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." ~~Lao Tzu

Is the time right for a love elixir? Wanting to use a little love magic to find your forever love?

Though we are well past Valentine's Day, I thought it would be good to share the recipe I used to make my own love elixir using crystals.

When I created my own, I didn't have romance in mind (though I know it could be used for that), but I did want the feeling of being loved, of deep comfort and of love for myself. And after using it and sharing it with my son, I did get extra hugs, so using it may increase your connection with those you love.

(photo credit: Hibiscus Moon)

What You Will Need

the crystals you choose
the glass you will keep the crystals and pour the water into
the glass bottle you will eventually store the crystal-charged water in

Basic Steps for Creating Your Love Potion

(1) Choose your crystals and place them in the glass you plan to use. I used the ones listed below which are connected to both love and comfort or, in the case of the quartz crystal, increase the chage or potency of the other stones...

blue lace agate
rose quartz
double-terminated quartz crystal

(2) After pouring filtered (or spring) water over the crystals, decide if or how you want to super-charge the water. I used all of these methods but you can pick and choose, and they are all optional.

stirring a spiral into the water
drawing reiki symbols
drawing hearts
using a crystal or wooden wand to direct additional energy into the water

(3) Write out your intention for the charged water (or say it aloud or focus on it in your head while stirring) and place the paper under the glass.

(4) Place the glass of water in sunlight or moonlight, on your windowsill, balcony or patio, and leave it there for the day or overnight.

(5) The next day, pour the crystal-charged water into the glass bottle you have chosen. That water can be used as it is, or added to lotions, perfumes, bath oils or creams, etc. You also can just pour a little into your hands and rub it into your heart space, breathe it in or use it to smooth your energy field.

NOTE: If you are planning to drink it, I recommend placing the crystals in boiling water for a few minutes before you place them into the filtered water you are planning to use.

And I suggest storing that water in the refrigerator once it is fully charged. I also suggest drinking only a little at a time because it will be very powerful.

Creating Ritual

If you would like to use this process as part of a love ritual, there are several additional steps you could take...

(1) You could begin by lighting a candle and could make that the moment you state your intention, even if you also plan to write it down.

(2) You could journal about what you hope will happen as a result of making the love potion and write more than you would on the paper you will be placing under the glass.

(3) You could create an altar that represents your love wish and add pictures or other symbols, the candle(s) you are lighting, etc.

(4) At the end of the day or just before you go to bed, blow out the candle and express gratitude for the energy of love that is being created.

(5) Just before pouring the water into the glass bottle, you can express gratitude again and revisit your intention by consecrating the bottle of crystal-charged water for its intended purpose.

Enjoy your love potion!

And if you want more help with using magic to find love, click here.

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