Friday, February 1, 2013

Bear Medicine

The Winter Season's Medicine

“Winter is a season of purpose – as are all seasons. Winter’s medicine is about rest, recovery, and going within. When we rest enough during winter, we have the energy we need to sustain us for the remainder of the year. In native traditions, this concept is known as Bear Medicine. Can we learn from bear and hibernate sufficiently to restore ourselves ahead of the busy, waking seasons? If you haven’t rested enough, take the next few weeks to honor the cycle.” –Sage Goddess 

I'm going to assume you haven't rested enough! I haven't.

Cozying Up to Bear Medicine

So are you ready to commit to a month of last-minute hibernation? 

What might that mean for you?

(1) Adding an extra hour of sleep each night

(2) Taking a nap each day

(3) Spending weekends at home with less on the agenda

(4) Putting off important projects until the spring thaw occurs

(5) Surrounding yourself with honey ~ the comfort and cozy joys that make like special

In response to the call to hibernate, I am rethinking a project I was planning to begin this month, and planning to make rest my project instead.

I'm also wondering if I should challenge myself to see how many naps I can take during the upcoming month. I'm an incurable night owl, so naps might make more sense. Apple juice and cookies when I get up? :)

How can you honor the call to bear medicine in your life?

Love and wishes for a great nap!

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