Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Magic of Summer

Live Magically!

I will be taking most of the month off this month to get ready for the start of the new homeschooling year. Though we did some work over the summer, and will start a little early toward the end of the month, the bulk of the next year has yet to be planned (oh boy!).

So I usually give myself the month of August to work on it. But I may pop in here from time to time. I do have wishing wand Wednesdays planned, so you are invited to tell me your wishes each week. And I think I'll share some pics with you, hoping to enchant you. :)

And then, I'll be back in September, probably after the Labor Day weekend.

I hope the rest of your summer is magical...

"I didn't know what I could say I'd accomplished [during her faery-finding summer]. But I knew one thing. I was different now. And yet I felt more myself than I had ever  been. In leaving one life behind to go on a search for the fantastical, I had rediscovered a whole new one. In chasing the beliefs I had as a child, I'd somehow managed to grow up. And I truly liked the woman I'd become.

I'd spent so much time with people who were living magical lives -- from Brian and Wendy Froud to the entire peaceful and progressive community at Findhorn. And in seeing the way these people chose to live, their values, how they treated one another, the planet, the wonder with which they greeted each day of living, I was able to see the world around me as enchanted once again, too." ~~Faery Tale, Signe Pike

Have a magical month!

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  1. Good luck with the homeschool planning! We just bought some supplies today to start preschool homeschooling this September and I'm researching curriculum. Very excited to start our first year but planning to keep it pretty simple since mine are just 2 and 3 1/2.


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